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28th November 2015, 18:57
So I was on and this Paulette kid said that the word "hell" and "damn" were bad words. Now he was pushing me to become mad. I even took pictures. When Insane came on, he didn't even give me the chance to freaking explained. Staff wont let their players explain themselves? Hmm. Donating cancelled I guess. Now I want you to unban me and let me a chance to explain myself because I am tired of little kids telling me what's bad and what's not a bad word. Damn and Hell aren't bad and disrespect? He was the one making me mad. He's the source of the trouble.

28th November 2015, 19:13
Demanding to be unbanned does not put you in a good position. You must not have taken a good look at OUR rules when you joined OUR server. Even if you didn't believe those words were offensive, someone else did and expressed their concern right away. Rather than seeking clarification from a staff member or just dropping the matter entirely like a mature person you pushed and harassed another HappyDiggers player just because they were "making you mad". This is unacceptable. We have high standards in our community to allow for people of all ages to enjoy our Minecraft servers together. Your ban will stay.

28th November 2015, 19:15
But here's the thing, this paul guy is the one that triggered me. If its a place to enjoy, why didn't he drop it. Why did he hm?

28th November 2015, 19:53
I guess it's a good thing that our server runs independently of donations. I pay for everything myself. Donations are only a means to show your appreciation and support to the server and. Threatening to not donate or making remarks to that effect will immediately trigger the following response on my part: please do not donate.

You weren't banned just because you said damn and hell. You were banned because you were given our rules when you joined our server and you choose to ignore them. You broke our rules with implied swearing. People warned you. You broke the rules again. Someone said they'd report you. You then went on being disrespectful to that player. This chain of events that you yourself caused is what got you banned. See chat logs in this post (http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1384-Warned-players-and-banlist&p=14045&viewfull=1#post14045).

As a rule we never discuss bans with people we ban on the server because it always gets messy. Instead we will simply ban you and be done with it. If you wish to discus things then you may do so on the forum. This is a much better place to have a discussion rather than on a server. But given your attitude, I think we're pretty much done here.

Please take your money and go play on a different server.

28th November 2015, 19:56
Well hope your server ***** itself. Ill find a better server with people that have better smarts than a ******* 10 year old paulette.

28th November 2015, 19:58
Well hope your server fucks itself. Ill find a better server with people that have better smarts than a fucking 10 year old paulette.
And now also banned from the forum.