View Full Version : TFC chat relay down

12th December 2015, 12:26
The chat relay between TFC servers is currently not working properly. Unfortunately it's spamming the last messages it received when it was working, so don't be surprised if you see repeated messages from non-present players.

12th December 2015, 16:02
Thanks for reporting :)

I've restarted the Lobby server. That seems to have resolved the issue.

12th December 2015, 23:08
Chat echos seem to still be occurring in TFCHC

12th December 2015, 23:58
There is a way to only restart the script that does the relaying, but I forgot how. Maybe Sverf remembers?

It's tied into the startup script of the server so restarting it should resolve the issue.

17th December 2015, 14:13
It still seems to fall into this every afternoon/evening. Maybe an automatic restart every 12 hours? >.<