View Full Version : Codechickencore requiring endercore: server rejects endercore :/

5th January 2016, 16:32
Hello all as the tittle states the server is rejecting endercore which is required by codechickencore (at least for multimc to start up) is there any way around this or is codechickencore not required but will it affect the other white-listed mods that im running? (list im runnung:armourstatus HUD, Nei( tfc nei plugin also), Waila(the plugin also),Wawla.)

5th January 2016, 17:25
That's weird, I use CodeChickenCore ( and have no such problems.

5th January 2016, 18:01
That's weird, I use CodeChickenCore ( and have no such problems.

its Forge.. its saying the min required for codechickencore 1.0.7... i tried and thats what its saying, so i tried and its saying it needs endercore(min it wants is 1.7.10-0.01.10 alpha) so i do that and the server rejets endercore

5th January 2016, 18:36
Do you use Forge ?
Update: I see you have successfully logged in, nice.

5th January 2016, 19:12
all is well and fixed thanks to Heptagon_ru (Side note: Waila Plugins may need to be looked at because the newer versions require "Endercore" to work right if your using multimc that is

5th January 2016, 20:29
As far as I know endercore (http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/endercore) is CrazyPants library which he uses for his mods: EnderIO, Enderzoo, etc.

CodeChickenCore is a library used by Chickenbones' mods like: NEI, EnderStorage, Translocator, etc.

Endercore has nothing to do with Waila or Chickenbones' mods as far as I know. Could you link to the plugin you tried to use that requires endercore?