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14th January 2016, 10:31
hello. happydiggers. you know that player you banned back all the way in june? well hes back. and hes me. hi. im sergei vlaskov. the player you banned. although i have long since moved on. i havent been banned from any servers since then. and my behavior has improved dramatically. i dont beg for food and water, i dont hop over fences and kill animals for food. i dont even build shacks on town borders. i am now acting way better since i got banned. and i have moved on to other servers. like foxtopia and stoneagecraft. this is my final appeal attempt. and i will hope you forgiven me for what i have done

14th January 2016, 12:52

14th January 2016, 14:07
im aware of that. and im ashamed of my behavior that june. i decided. now that my behavior is better. to give an appeal one more shot.

15th January 2016, 02:36
Why exactly should we let you back in? Seems awfully risky considering our previous encounters.

15th January 2016, 05:59
Why are you trying again to appeal the ban now? After so long of a time period? What is bringing you back?

15th January 2016, 12:02
i decided to try appealing again because of my will and my good behavior on other servers

15th January 2016, 17:35
What's lacking on the other servers that makes you want to come back?

15th January 2016, 18:29
i miss the server. and the people were nice

16th January 2016, 22:07
Well we haven't seen your behavior on other servers and we can't take you at your word. As I explained in your previous appeal attempt, players that are banned have zero credibility and are basically asking for a second chance at trust. In the appeal itself you broke that trust and ruined your second chance. In this appeal you dodged my question and posted your appeal in the wrong sub forums. This ban is permanent and will remain such.