View Full Version : unban request from IsabellaSuo

16th January 2016, 16:41
I dont know why i got banned with the reason greifing the public road.
I 100% can sure that i hvnt greif any thing in the road :(
i just remember that the last time i online i just saw someone greif the pumpkin near the west in the spawn point
which those players are building the boat
and i replace them to the dirt.

even i have griefing the road(?) i dont know how to describe
just once since I pull the chicken to my town which
the public road are griefing a long long time ago and the chicken fell inside under 2 block
i cant pull it up and i should be destory the road which chiseled that i know it would disappear and i put the dirt as a lot as i can.

I dont know why the players who really griefing the road for the pumpkin lamps not banned , banned someone who get trapped inside by them. i feel rly sadness when i logged in today and shown i am griefing the road . I have placed the thing i had in my package to replace the road. I hope the road in the new server which coming soon dont use the pumpkin lamps under the road and chisel blocks.Then the players no reson to grief the lamp or the smooth and chisel blocks which nothing will drop . I am so disappointed for i am trapping in someone broken the public road and i got banned since i save myself and the chickens.

I love this server and I hope i can be unban , Thank you.
I am poor in English, Plz forgive my mistakes.

16th January 2016, 17:09
Ah, I can see the need to remove blocks from the road if you where stuck in the hole, sorry, prism doesn't tell use why someone broke the blocks.
For future reference if you find yourself in the need to do something like this please make a ticket so we know what happen :)
You will be unbanned.

16th January 2016, 20:29
For the record, the person who broke the road in the way and location you mentioned was banned the day after he did it.