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17th January 2016, 22:49
So i love the looks of this server and haven't played it yet, but i would love to very much. I was on the TFC website and saw this ever and saw that it said all you need to do is install terra firma craft so i did but i tried to join and it had an error message that said: "kicked whilst connecting to tfc: mod rejections [FMLMod:terrafirmacraft{0.79.26}]" and i have no idea what this means so i came here for help.

17th January 2016, 23:24
If you start a singleplayer game is it definitely running TFC? You also need the correct version of Forge (mentioned in the TFC download page) installed, not just any version of forge.

18th January 2016, 06:26
Also please check that your TFC is of version 0.79.26, not 0.79.27.
The server still runs the previous TFC version (.26) because the latest one (.27) has a critical bug.

18th January 2016, 17:38
how do i get the .26 version?

18th January 2016, 17:40
also am i supposed to use the version?

18th January 2016, 17:49
You can get TFC 79.26 here:


and you'll need Forge 1.7.10 - which can be found on this page: