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18th January 2016, 03:19
If I find a mine that is not part of a town or outpost is it free to mine from?

Because the world is so rich with history of so many players I often stumble upon existing mines when looking for a particular ore. Most of the mines that I've started I have abandoned after getting whatever resources I want from it. If someone stumbled upon one of my own mines I wouldn't expect them not to mine there unless I left a sign asking me not to.

(Assume that there are no signs saying "Private - please don't mine" or "Abandoned".)

18th January 2016, 04:13
Same as the fruit trees and bushes.
General rule of thumb, if its not natural, and if you did not build / plant / place it, dont touch it.
If someone says you can mine where they have been, i would screen shot it for the future.
Same with signs that say welcome to mine here, screen shot it to be safe :)
If there are torches, supports, smooth stone, ladders, planks, etc, leave it be.
This however does not give someone the right to spam stuff all over the place to "claim" resources, this could be considered griefing.

18th January 2016, 06:29
I usually place a sign on my abandoned mine before leaving it forever, saying like "you are free to mine here".

20th January 2016, 16:04
Personally I'd say if it's not claimed it's fair game - on HC at the very least. That's what the outpost system is for. I'd consider it incentive to actually mine out the mine, rather than just let it sit there forever. That's just a personal opinion though, and is not intended as advice on how to act - it's likely not the opinion of the mods.

20th January 2016, 16:11
It's not. Simple reason: the world is huge, there are plenty of resources. So if it looks like someone else has worked on it, just leave it alone and move on. That way you can be sure you don't accidentally make someone else's life miserable and we don't have to deal with theft.

If the thus far hypothetical situation occurs that someone is going around the server claiming every bit of minable ore we'll deal with that. Just report the issue should it occur.

21st January 2016, 00:51
Thank you for clarifying that.