View Full Version : FTB: dynmap and future.

18th January 2016, 07:18
1. AMP's dynmap doesn't render tiles since the server moved, it seems. I sometimes login and do some stuff, moving around my base (the glacier south of Spawn) , and the rendered area does not change or expand. Any idea why it can be?

2. I don't see people on AMP any more and I also play rarely. I guess some of you guys reached the limit of development (e.g. InsaneJ), and others got bored or busy irl. Do you have any plans closing the AMP server soon?
I would like to continue playing, it's just my current project is too complex and ambitious, so struggling with that atm, it feels more like work than fun. :)
But it's fine if you decide to close it. Anyway new TFC ones are coming.

18th January 2016, 09:14
1. Dynmap will render a tile when there's a block update inside of a chunk. Walking through the world does not usually cause block updates since AMP does not have TFC ;) I'll do a fullrender when I get a chance.

2. There are no plans to close the AMP server. There are also no plans to switch to another mod pack any time soon. So go an have fun :)

18th January 2016, 09:31
1. Thanks for the info! No need for full render from my side, it's quite fun atm, will also play with block updates.

2. Thanks for the info! Mostly I miss Mupje as the source of free delicious food. :))) But there is still tons of food in the net.