View Full Version : Unban request

27th January 2016, 01:04
Hi, it's xMCJEFFREYx from the TFC server and I got recently banned on my first day of playing...I would just like a second chance because I was joking around and saying stuff to a player whom I didn't know was a mod (I didn't know what the mod name looked like), but it was all in good fun. I did not mean to be disrespectful in any way shape or form. But I see that they have misinterpreted it which is my fault and I am sorry, I shouldn't mess with people without them knowing me well enough. I know my behavior wasn't appropriate and again, I apologize and I would like to ask if I could please have another chance to play. This is my favorite server and everyone on staff is super helpful and I would hate if I had to leave the community!

3rd February 2016, 11:29
Thank you for your apology. Perhaps now you see how seriously we take our rules in order to maintain a great community. You will be unbanned and placed in our warning category. This means if you break any rules, no matter how small, you will be instantly and permanently banned. Please review our rules to ensure this will not happen again.