View Full Version : AMP: Issue with entangled chunks

28th January 2016, 16:00
I visited Ethe's and J's bases on AMP today and saw some weird stuff. Looks like some chunks are entangled, i.e. was exchanged locations with other chunks. E.g. a part of J's building was moved few chunks aside and replaced with a ordinary grassy chunk from that place. Same on Ethe's base.

28th January 2016, 16:36
At some point some chunks got corrupted, others got moved. This happened before we moved the server to Sverf's server. At the time we discovered this the backups from before the corruption had already been deleted.

If ethe decides to play on the FTB server again we can help him fix things. As for my base, I'll leave it as is for now. Got more than enough on my plate with getting the new servers ready :B