View Full Version : Unban request ( i am french no juge my english please)

18th February 2016, 21:02
Hello, i am Glimesvalentin and i am banned for say "FUUUUUUU my connection is dead :(" or "xD" i don't know and i request one unban please and help me for my english please, i don't know i saying..D=
And i saying no in chat and please please please Unban me D= ;'(
(On TFC)



Have a nice night/day

18th February 2016, 22:47
What does the FUUUUUU stand for?

19th February 2016, 07:21
A bored breath, one breath nervous, no "FUUUUCK" no no is one breath bored and nervous.

20th February 2016, 00:40
Give me a link to somewhere that says that is what your saying it is...
Everything so far points in the other direction...
And why capitalize it, if its bored, capitalization usually refers to excitement or loudness.

20th February 2016, 01:30
Ok i am sorry if you take "fuuuu" for "fuck" it's not my but..

20th February 2016, 01:31
If I can't join one picture for reason, i am on mobile :/

20th February 2016, 01:34
I am not in my house, if I enter in my house a send picture!

20th February 2016, 01:39
(100% Google traduction sorry)

20th February 2016, 01:43
In short, I 'm really sorry if you took it as an insult , and I not want to insult this on server .. it is useless , I had a friend on that server and if I was talking to no one other , and that's really not my kind of insult people I hardly know. If you can talk to my friend in towny "Panchosvillas" and you can ask to im for my ban please..

20th February 2016, 01:44
If it was doing it on purpose I do not try to make me unban ..

20th February 2016, 12:30
Will give you one more chance.. Be very careful of what you write.