View Full Version : Where do you plan on settling?

5th March 2016, 02:30
I was trying to decide where I wanted to set up shop in the new TFCHC server. I found some cool places but realized that to get to some of them could take over an hour of travel. What are you guys planning on doing?

Settle somewhere near spawn for an easy commute or,
Settle somewhere farther away that you like better even though it will take longer to move your stuff there

Would love to hear your plans.

Also, (besides putting your stuff in pots and using a donkey), are there any other clever tricks you can do to bring more per trip?

5th March 2016, 02:40
I am going to go south and set up around -6500, for crops, probable close to the south road.

5th March 2016, 05:04
Near a road I think makes a lot of sense. I might be heading a little farther from spawn because I prefer the colder climates. Maybe something in the +/-15K range. Far enough that high peaks can still make good cold storage but not so far that the growing season is non-existent.

6th March 2016, 01:40
After spending way too much time looking at the wiki, the new tfchc dynmap, and doing testing on single player I know where I am settling:

-2831, -12247


7th March 2016, 04:21
No dibs :p Pretty sure many of us have been salivating over the maps for weeks and weeks and March 10 is going to be a great deal like the gold rush of days of old. Haul arse and stake claim. Keep it secret. Keep it safe >.>.
( worth mention that these maps are soooo huge. There is no one perfect spot that won't be somewhere lol. )

12th March 2016, 18:42
Sadly my desired spot turned out to be super dry with all the dirt and leaves having an ugly brown color. I was hoping for something greener and lusher. The search continues.

12th March 2016, 18:54
Optimal will make to spawn. Each building a road, in the direction of his house.
Sorry for my English.