View Full Version : [TnFC] Does Lockette work on Technode?

16th March 2016, 08:35
Yesterday, I tried to lock a (kapok) chest on the donor TnFC server.

I will freely admit that I did not use Lockette when I played on HD before, because before I realised it is there to be used, I already had a town and permissions set that did not allow anybody to enter my fenced area. But I read the instructions and they seemed straightforward so I decided to try to use it now on the new TnFC server.

I tried to put the sign in front of, at the right side and above the chest. Each and every time, when I typed "[private]" on the sign, I got the message that no unclaimed container for locking can be found.

Someone on-line at the time suggested, that maybe Lockette does not work with TnFC. So here is my question: does it or does it not? :)

Edit: the config was changed and it works now, I'm putting it here in case somebody finds this thread and wonders.

16th March 2016, 09:48
Confirmed, it does not currently work.

There are a few reasons for this:
1. TnFC uses different item/block IDs and we haven't updated the Lockette config yet to recognize those. Sorry, we really need to do this :B
2. We have a new plugin running that protects containers from most (but not all) attempts by outsiders to access them. An outsider in this case is someone who is not part of the town the claimed plot is from in which the container is located.

So yeah, we need to update the Lockette config. Basically what we need is a long list of item and block IDs that we want to be able to lock with Lockette. These include but are not limited by: doors, chests, tool racks, storage containers, machines, etc.

16th March 2016, 10:42
Thank you for this confirmation, at least I know now it's a config issue and not me being unable to use a simple mod;) I feel better already ;)

If there is a way I could help with that long list, just let me know.

20th March 2016, 09:09
It was communicated somewhere else but not here. We added most of the TnFC stuff to the Lockette configuration. Let me know if you find any blocks that should be lockable but aren't.