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18th March 2016, 14:16
The information in this thread is outdated.

We didn't yet have a place specific to this server on our forum I think. So here goes. Perhaps I'll add a bunch of stuff here related to this server. But for now it's a place where I can communicate about servers updates.

Today the TnFC server has been updated. The new ATLauncher share code is: q4pnMAOf (check server page (https://happydiggers.net/content.php?117&tabid=107))

20th March 2016, 08:08
I am not sure where to post this issue but this is the only thread relating to the Technode server.

I believe we are not able to progress in technology because vanilla items are protected or restricted. Jiro noticed that we are unable to produce wool blocks from wool cloth so that closes the Forestry part to us. I cannot convert TFC glass bottles to vanilla so I am unable to get creosote oil from the coke oven as well. I cannot craft the steel furnace that was found in the quest book as that is a vanilla item.

The only thing I noticed is that all these items are listed as vanilla and that is why I think having vanilla items protected/restricted is preventing us from progressing beyond normal TFC.

20th March 2016, 08:37
The proper sub forum would be the Server issues (http://happydiggers.net/forumdisplay.php?17-Server-issues) one since this is clearly an issue :)

I've removed the Vanilla protection script. I copied it over a while ago when placing other scripts there as well. We use it on the TFC servers to protect the roads in the wild. But clearly it's not needed on TnFC. Let me know if that solved the problem.

13th August 2016, 04:42
Just to clarify, the TnFC version right now is 2.14.6, and the ATLauncher shade code is Wr9IKrNh, is that correct? We've finally got internet worth the name, and I doubled my RAM, so I'm hoping I can actually start playing again.

13th August 2016, 08:31
Just to clarify, the TnFC version right now is 2.14.6, and the ATLauncher shade code is Wr9IKrNh, is that correct? We've finally got internet worth the name, and I doubled my RAM, so I'm hoping I can actually start playing again.
Not quite. I'm a little behind on the updates. But it seems that isn't necessarily a bad thing as the new TFC breaks some stuff on Cauldron. I try to keep the server page (https://happydiggers.net/content.php?117&tabid=107) up to date with the version we are currently running.

Right now that's 2.16.4 with the share code you mentioned.

13th August 2016, 21:30
Awesome! I'd been having trouble last night downloading the pack (I did mean 2.16.4, not 2.14.6, derp), but figured out today it's JourneyMap that was causing me trouble. As long as I don't try and download that one, I can get the rest of them going. Now to see if I can log in!

22nd September 2016, 04:28
are there alot of players still playing TNFC? Thinking of joining the server, but would like not to be playing alone :creeper:

6th June 2017, 19:35
Was there a rolleback on the server? And if so why and did it need to be so long? just completed some builds that was very anoying to do. :/

7th June 2017, 07:45
Sverf messaged me yesterday saying there was a problem with the TFC server's backups. We're not sure why, but it seems like the backup process got stuck somehow. We've been using the same scripts to run and backup the server for years and have never encountered this problem before so we're hoping this is a fluke of some kind.

When creating backups the server the server does a save-all and then, temporarily, goes into read-only mode. This is done so that all files on the hard drives are in a consistent state before creating the backup. After the backup is completed the server goes into read-write mode again and can safe it's modified files like it normally does. We're guessing this last part didn't happen and it got stuck. When Sverf noticed that things were stuck, he killed the server process and restarted the TFC servers. Unfortunately this means that the TnFC server had been in read-only mode since June 3rd keeping all changes in RAM. As soon as it was killed all those changes were lost.

We're sorry this has happened and caused, what looks like, a roll-back on the server. Again we've never had this kind of problem before. We'll keep an eye on the backups and hope this is just a one time thing.

8th June 2017, 17:08
No problems! Now I know how to make my builds better so its kinda nice it rolled back actually. :p And by the way thanks for hosting a awesome server!

15th June 2017, 16:14
Hey Jiro is it possible to update the server to the latest TNFC version or is there somthing that breaks if its updated? Now the server is on version 2.16.4 of TNFC and the newest one is 3.6. :)

15th June 2017, 17:38
Stuff broke when we last tried updating. That was a while back now though. We could try again now and see what happens.

15th June 2017, 18:16
AFAIK 3.x is not compatible with 2.x and requires a map wipe. But I think maybe you should poll the players about upgrading anyway, because 3.x is much improved in many aspects.

15th June 2017, 18:25
Hmm :/
Not really looking forward to generating a new map, creating a new spawn area, checking plugins for protection stuff, sorting issues, etc. That's something that takes a LOT of time. So there would need to be a more than a few players interested in playing before I'd consider doing this.

15th June 2017, 18:59
okay i see thene! I would be up for a reset if there are alot of other players to but Its no worries if not! :)

10th September 2017, 17:06
How to get whitelist access to server?

10th September 2017, 18:25
How to get whitelist access to server?