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19th March 2016, 19:39
Is this something we want to keep an eye on?



19th March 2016, 23:50
This could get some of the cheapskates hooked on ARK since it is free to play this as a standalone game and will let people know how well their pc will play the game. But if you want to play more then a few hours between starting over and access the HappyDigger server you need the full game.

25th March 2016, 08:40
DocOlds and I have been playing this game over the last two days and I must say it's very competitive and really fun. It's an all around battle royale on the ranked servers. Unnoficial servers would be a great place to play and learn with teammates if you're new and haven't played Ark: Survival Evolved. It's great that it's free for people to play, but anybody playing should keep in mind that Ark SoTF is much more fast paced and PvP orientated than typical Ark Survival Evolved servers would be.

Here's a snippet of our first win in the 2 man tribe ranked group.


25th March 2016, 10:17
dat music

Mupje and I watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 yesterday. This seems oddly familiar :)

p.s. please don't disable fullscreen on embeds. On a 30" monitor it looks like it was made for ants :B

25th March 2016, 19:06
First time uploading anything and it was Doc's video of it. Still working out the kinks, I'll see if I can enable it.

edit: I have no idea how to change this. There doesn't appear to be a setting I can find to enable/disable and the only thing I found online about it is adding extra code to the embed code, but several variants of the codes I tried didn't change anything.

26th March 2016, 19:00
Got a single player win without even taming a dino. It was an ugly match, I got lost in the woods and couldnt find my smithy/forges to make a scope or chitin armor once I got the resources. Never saw a Rex/Spino/Carno/Raptor to tame, tried to circle the plateau and kill somebody to steal their dinos, but no luck. In the end, it all worked out though.


26th March 2016, 19:07
Nice :)

I took the liberty of editing your post so the YouTube video would be embedded. If you would like to embed YT videos in the future (please do!) then you can use the "Insert Video" button in the post's text editor. Then copy/paste the complete YouTube URL. You don't have to use the share or embed function on the YT page, just the URL in your browser is enough. In this case the URL is:

Also make sure there's nothing added after the v=.... part like a playlist or start time.

27th March 2016, 05:26
Thanks for the info, I couldn't get the embeded to work and gave up before

Jiro and I got another win on 2 man, definitely addicting


1st April 2016, 06:16
We had multiple wins today in the two man team category but I think this one takes the cake.

(also figured out how to upload the videos correctly but the full screen is still disabled after using the url in the [insert video]:confused:)