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21st March 2016, 00:28
[I am not sure where to post this issue but this is the only thread relating to the Technode server.

I believe we are not able to progress in technology because vanilla items are protected or restricted. Jiro noticed that we are unable to produce wool blocks from wool cloth so that closes the Forestry part to us. I cannot convert TFC glass bottles to vanilla so I am unable to get creosote oil from the coke oven as well. I cannot craft the steel furnace that was found in the quest book as that is a vanilla item.

The only thing I noticed is that all these items are listed as vanilla and that is why I think having vanilla items protected/restricted is preventing us from progressing beyond normal TFC.]

I posted this issue earlier in the wrong forum section and InsaneJ removed the protection scripts for vanilla items on the technode server, but it does not seem to fix the issue.

I also noticed that the vanilla cobblestone that was world generated is now missing. Basically some of the items which are not craftable are things like wool block, steel furnace, vanilla glass bottles from tfc bottles and tfc charcoal from the vanilla charcoal produced from a coke oven. When you put the items into the crafting grid the product shows very briefly then disappears. You are not able to click on it quickly to get the item as it will appear in your inventory for a split second then disappear.

Also, I tried using a production table from Steve's workshop mod and that did not allow me to create the item either. I also tried to create an item outside a town to see if towny was somehow involved.

That is all I can think of regarding this issue, thanks for looking into it.

21st March 2016, 09:54
This is the post (http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?2185-Donor-TechnodeFirmaCraft-server&p=15602&viewfull=1#post15602) Osifron is talking about.

DOM, did I remove the script correctly? Did you perhaps put it back yesterday when disabling the debug log?

Did some testing. It has nothing to do with server based protection. It also has nothing to do with KCauldron as running TnFC on a local Forge only server yielded the exact same result.

For now I've setup two chests in Osifron's town where players can trade for the items they can't craft. There's an input and output chest, Osifron is going to keep track to make sure players don't get free stuff. If you need any kind of tool in the crafting recipe, Osifron will ask that you show him this tool so he knows you could actually craft the desired item.

For now he can trade:

glass bottles
steel furnace

If any more broken recipes are discovered we'll add those until a more permanent solution is found.

21st March 2016, 12:39
Thanks J!

Here is a list of items I have tried to craft that cannot be made:

tfc Wool cloth to wool (vanilla item)

tfc empty glass bottle to glass bottle (vanilla)

charcoal (vanilla) to tfc charcoal

Hopper (vanilla item)

Steel furnace (vanilla item)

I also cannot reverse craft the glass bottle (vanilla) that you provided for exchange back to tfc empty glass bottle.

I am able to craft a scoop (forestry mod) from the wool that is provided for exchange.

23rd March 2016, 09:46
I've asked for help here: http://technode.enjin.com/forum/m/17014259/viewthread/26595581-2161-cant-craft-certain-items-on-server

25th March 2016, 22:27
I also found that the following items cannot be crafted:

Ultimate bucket (vanilla)

Dispenser (vanilla)

Marius has provided some ultimate buckets for exchange.

26th March 2016, 10:17
Added ultimate buckets and dispensers to the output chest.

29th March 2016, 07:23
I have to add another item to the list

Iron Bars

I was able to craft these when I entered the steel age so I find it odd that I am not not able to craft these anymore. The same issue is present with all the other vanilla craft recipes - you see the result in the crafting grid but then the product disappears after a split second.

29th March 2016, 10:03
Added iron bars to the chest.

Still haven't had a reply to my question on the TnFC forum. Guess I'll do some more troubleshooting myself :B

31st March 2016, 14:44
Dunsan replied. His fix solved the issue. You should now be able to craft vanilla items again :)

The issue was caused by the vanilla.zs script, specifically the recipe removal of Aroma1997's wrench. Since we don't use Aroma's mods this caused problems.

31st March 2016, 19:30
we now have fire spread and covering log piles for charcoal to deal with.

RIP olive tree.

31st March 2016, 19:38
Glad to hear everything's back to normal then ;)