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29th March 2016, 15:55
I've started building a slime farm near spawn. I ended up digging out 2 chunks that weren't slime chunks >_< Then I looked at the coordinates and it turned out I mixed up positive/negative coordinates.

So now I've started digging out chunks again. There are 2 trapdoors behind the enchantment setup that lead down to the platforms where slimes can spawn. I still need to dig out a few more platforms and build the ring of fence posts at the bottom. For this I need to get a lot of nether brick fence posts. So if you have any or are planning a trip to the Nether any time soon, we can use them :)

DOM, I watched your slime farm video and there's one thing that you didn't show. You talked about maybe getting the small slimes to travel up. I'm assuming that's done using stairs? Have water carry the slimes into the stairs and then the slimes will climb the stairs? Of did you have something else planned?

29th March 2016, 18:14
Slimes will climb ladders. Just put the water stream into a ladder and they will all climb up.

30th March 2016, 14:56
So I removed the proof-of-concept ring of hoppers. I didn't want a hopper elevator so having all those hoppers made no sense. Also it didn't work as intended. Now water streams carry the slimes toward a chomper made out of a sticky piston a piece of cobble stone and a timer. This seems to work well.

When I placed the water at the top I discovered that the fence posts were placed one level too high. This caused the lower platform to flood. And since I couldn't move the fence posts further down I had to move them up just below the second lowest platform. Then I removed the lowest platform.... ARGH!! Not fun :p

Then the item elevator seemed to sometime eat items instead of sending them up. So I replaced the front stone wall piece with stone. So basically there are now 2 stone blocks being pressed against a single stone wall. This seems to work well.

There are a few issues remaining still. Sometimes when slimes die in the long waterfall their slime drops land on top of the fence posts. They will then remain there until they despawn. Also for some reason it seems that not a lot of slimes spawn when you are at the surface. Or perhaps I'm just being impatient. Guess it's time to do what Ethe's been doing: idle AFK :)

And last but not least, there is now proper access to the lower levels. Sorry I left you guys last night, I had more or less sealed myself in and didn't think about that until this morning. Hope you guys managed to get out ok :B

30th March 2016, 16:18
After idling for about an hour a little over a stack of slimes had accumulated. That seemed like a very low amount. Simply digging out the platforms and being in the area had yielded several stacks of slime already.

Turns out the wall had turned into stone. It's the stone block I'm looking at in the screenshot below.

I've replaced it with a mossy cobblestone wall. Let's hope this one doesn't get converted into stone :B

Any thoughts on how this might have happened?

30th March 2016, 17:43
This is weird. It looks like the mossy stone wall got moved 2 blocks to the side somehow...

30th March 2016, 17:46
I don't have any suggestions for your system, but if it doesn't work out the following may help:

Slimes sink in water and do not jump out (kill/split the big ones with lava blades first?)
Slimes drown in water and die
Collect slimeballs with hoppers and then transport up via magic (or minecart - can use my system nearby)

30th March 2016, 18:11
Thanks :)

It seems pistons dupe blocks in Minecraft 1.9 which is basically the problem here. Marius reported a similar issue with the pumpkin/melon farm.

I've updated the server to Minecraft 1.9.2. I'm not sure if they've fixed this issue yet, couldn't find any extended release notes for it :/

If this doesn't solve the problem we should create a Jira issue for it.

30th March 2016, 18:23
I should have some time today to work on the farm and get a few kinks out. I will look it over when I get home. Also, I suggest that we use the trapdoor item elevator method that seems popular with this release of Minecraft. I will look into that when I get home as well.

30th March 2016, 20:53
It looks like the the piston bug got solved in 1.9.2. It's been running for quite a while now without problems.

I wanted to use an elevator that didn't have a ton of tile entities and/or ticking elements. This one only has a clock ,2 pistons, a dropper and some redstone stuff. The rest is just glitchy Minecraft physics. Which means we should be able to have a ton of these elevators without any impact on server performance. Which, as we've experienced the past few days, isn't great for Minecraft 1.9.