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1st April 2016, 04:26
I am starting the construction of the transportation building in a clearing near spawn. There is a big entryway planned and partially built so far. The plan is to accommodate all types of transport and to center all travel at this building and its nether counterpart.


The plan:

In the center of the entryway there is a large portal that will connect to the nether rail hub
The center of the building will have a boat dock with canals that lead to the river and nearby ocean
The back of the building will be the overworld rail station with automated carts for players. This will also sort carts with/without players.
Under the building will be the subway system for item transport to/from the spawn warehouse
Outside there will be a stable for horses.

If you guys have some suggestions for things to add, just let me know. Tomorrow I will stream some construction.

1st April 2016, 12:36
Looks awesome!

1st April 2016, 12:39
Looking forward to riding the train all day long :)

I'm setting up fully automated farms near spawn. They'll be manned by villagers. To get them to spawn I'm building a railroad to the nearest village I could find. After the villagers have been moved we might reroute it a little to connect to the Transport Hub.