View Full Version : Cannot unclaim town outposts

1st April 2016, 21:24
I've been trying to unclaim outposts but everytime I do the command /t unclaim, it says "processing town unclaim..." but doesn't actually unclaim the outpost. Has anyone figured out how to unclaim land? If so could you tell me how? Thanks.

1st April 2016, 22:54
Towny is a little glitches when it comes to this.
1st do not move when you tp.
2nd tp to the outpost
3rd do /t unclaim 10
4th do /t claim outpost
5th do /t unclaim
That should do it :)

2nd April 2016, 12:28
I've tried to follow the instructions multiple times but it doesn't seem to work, I still cannot unclaim outposts. Am I the only one having this problem?