View Full Version : Has anyone else heard about this lawsuit?

3rd April 2016, 14:39

4th April 2016, 19:20
Yea, I read up on it, and it pretty much seems without merit tbh. It's just competing game developers being dickheads.

It has a great deal to do with the fact that the person named in the lawsuit is married to one of ARK's project managers.
They are claiming/implying the kibitzing that goes on between a married couple ( as he has never actually worked for wildcard, and only 'consulted' after his non -compete clause was up) violates said non-competition stipulation in his severance paperwork.

4th April 2016, 19:39
You mean this?

Yeah, heard about it :)

Seems to me it's just another one of those employee unfriendly law things that are common in the US. Over here a judge would have told the ex employer to suck it. You can't tell your ex employees not to exercise their profession. At most you can force ex employees not to take company secrets or intellectual properties to their new employer and use them there. At least, that's how it is over here. But we're just a bunch of socialists who think employees and consumers should be protected against exploitative corporations.