View Full Version : Ark server gone weird

13th April 2016, 18:11
Currently experiencing some major lag issue, anyone else having this ?

13th April 2016, 18:33
Since yesterday I've been getting extreme bouts of lag and seeing some unusual behaviour on the server, could you take a look please guys? Perhaps just a reboot...

13th April 2016, 20:03
I've moved TheRealPoker flamebear's post here since it's a server issue and not an ARK server discussion post and you guys seem to be posting about the same thing :)

I've stopped and then updated the ARK server to 238.6. Let me know if that made any difference.

13th April 2016, 20:46
Server seems back to normal, thanks J!

1st May 2016, 23:51
Gone again, can we have another restart please?

2nd May 2016, 07:21
Gone again, can we have another restart please?


2nd May 2016, 12:50
That fixed it again, thanks.
Any idea why this might happen?
Is there a scheduled restart at all?

3rd May 2016, 08:11
Seems completely random, and no we don't have scheduled restarts set. When Sverf sat down and wrote our scripts he mentioned that we can't have warning times greater than 10 seconds, so basically if we had scheduled resets set it would go down with only 10 seconds of warning once a day. I prefer to give you guys 5 minutes of warning since it's a bit hazardous to players and their dinos to suddenly go offline with little or no warning.

5th May 2016, 12:43
I'll see if I can make a special restart option that gives more warning than 10 seconds :-)

5th May 2016, 15:14
Or perhaps when no-one is on the server?

5th May 2016, 17:21
Or perhaps when no-one is on the server?

That doesn't seem to happen very often. Which is good of course :)

Maybe something that counts down from 5 minutes to 0 on the minute if possible?

5th May 2016, 17:49
Since the restarts are scheduled, maybe you could just synchronize by time an in-game message and server-side restart?
And also make a rotating announcement like Minecraft servers have which will notify users at what time reset occures.
Oh wait, I seem to forget to vote today.

6th May 2016, 21:41
The issue may have been fixed in the latest patch.

Current Version: v240.3
Requires Server Update:
* Fixed long-term server timing issue (previously, servers at greater than 2 weeks uptime would start getting whacky)

Time will tell