View Full Version : Jail server appears offline

28th April 2016, 08:37
I tried to join the jail server but it appears offline. I remember visiting the server before, so unless the IP has changed and it's still up I don't think jailed players can serve their time.

28th April 2016, 12:05
Server seems to be up. How did you try to join the server?

What I did was:
Join Lobby server at lobby.happydiggers.net:4000
Type: /server jail

29th April 2016, 03:19
Hi InsaneJ,

You're right the jail server is up. I attempted to join directly using the IP from the Servers section of this website. Joining the lobby server and then typing in /server jail worked perfectly.

29th April 2016, 19:14
Looks like someone forgot to add a DNS record for the jail server :B

You should be able to connect to the jail server directly now as well.