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12th May 2016, 12:36
Hello everybody!
Today, I would like to introduce Karnburg, a town we've been running with couple of guys on the Freebie TFC server. You might know us as Holzdorf, or probably you remember Karnburg/Geistberg from the previous TFC world - yes, that's me and the tradition is back!
This time, however, I've picked a genuinely sequoia spot (the only one in the world! hehe) which means we have enough wood for our projects.

We were given a head start thanks to plenty of items moved using the Ark project, that means we can provide pretty much from the end-game stuff. Mining and gathering is our main priority, and besides being building-involved, many current residents take care of the ore supplies :)

Karnburg can also provide many public services and buildings to help a resident with their progress in the game. We run a public smithy, a town orchard, food preparation shelter, block storage building etc.
Also the town outposts focused on farming and food-preserving are worth mentioning.
Some of these are still WIP and many other services are planned to be added :D
(please check the screenshots attached)

We also want to emphasize our attitude to newcomers and people interested in joining our town. Basically, we are open to anybody who would like to contribute to the welfare of the settlement and is willing to stick up with the simple rules of ours. Everyone like this is welcome :cool:
Besides that, we also run a small nation called Hallstatt, which is open for everybody to join as well.

Interested in joining our town? Send a message to somebody of the town staff listed below:

Town staff:

Elborax, the mayor
Vladimir_Lenin_, town assistant
Kodo98, town assistant
The_MoSS, town assistant

Do you have a town already? Are you looking for a nation? We can provide you some trade offers, large community to play with, and a good claim bonus, too. Hallstatt welcomes you!

Nation staff

Elborax, the leader
Vladimir_Lenin_, nation assistant
Spieler4096, nation assistant

And if you want to just look around, feel free to visit us! We will be glad to show you around anytime possible.
Enjoy your stay! ;)

Have a nice day,
Elbe97/Elborax, the mayor

14th May 2016, 19:08
That looks really nice. Great job :)

14th May 2016, 21:56
Thanks, J! I'm glad you like it :)

When more things are added, I'll post some updated screenies of the progress :)

23rd May 2016, 13:45
Hello again!
We've been working on some things in the town and that means another update to this thread :)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Kodo98 and The_MoSS to becoming town assistants! Hurray!
This means that we have another two guys who can recruit newcomers.

Another thing is that there are some changes in nicknames, concretely:

MrKousios -> Vladimir_Lenin_ (don't ask me why :D)
Elbe97 -> Elborax (after 5 years, decided to get the same nick as IRL :o)

And, finally, the building progress!
Well, not much to say here, we've been working on the services - to which we count a new cellar project, public palace and sulphur farm, tree farm, and some other minor improvements like the new message board, gardens, etc.
We were forced to get started with enlargement of the Residential Area, too.
(edited the first post to match the new info)

Have a nice day everybody!

24th May 2016, 02:54
Looks great guys!