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13th May 2016, 15:34
Hello everybody,
I am starting this thread to report a theft/grief by SladostGames which happened around 13:43 CET (according to Prism readings). SladostGames was a member of my town Karnburg for a while before this thing happened. Never being an easy-going person to deal with, I have been only waiting for this kind of act being committed.

The following items were taken from the public smithy (opened a ticket there):
- a red steel hammer + some flux from a public anvil (which was broken and the items were not returned after the anvil was placed back)
- a bunch of bronze tools meant for newcomers and public use (a bronze hammer, 2 bronze picks, wrought iron axe + pick)

+ noticed some griefing at my old camp I used to set up with Spieler4096 when we were starting here (this is a bit older case, warned SladostGames about this before, no repsonse or repair done and he probably continued), put the coords of the place to a message included to the ticket (I have opened my maximum number of tickets, apparently).

So I kicked the guy from my town to prevent any further problems, asked him several times for giving the items back, no response at all (he was online when I found out). A moment after this, a new player joined (nickname: hellakittehs), noticed SladostGames giving some items to that player at the spawn (a friend or an alt perhaps?).

I am attaching screenies recording the Prism evidence to this case + some shots of SladostGames giving items (including the stolen wrought iton tools) to hellakittehs.

I am not sure if this is banable or anything, therefore I don't insist on anything like that. :o
If you need any more information, I am prepared to be asked.

Thank you for reading this and for investigating the case!

14th May 2016, 18:03
Heptagon investigated the matter further and issued a global ban:

15th May 2016, 11:35
Thanks everybody for reviewing the case, especially to Heptagon_ru for fast and right-minded investigation! :)

15th May 2016, 13:31

16th May 2016, 03:15
may be a bit late, but here is a screenshot of me talking with hellakittehs:
he didn't answer to my last question on screen, so i only needed a single screenshot.

his english is so bad, but i think that he is calling me a liar...

16th May 2016, 07:30
Thanks. That adds a strong circumstantial evidence to the fact that they are together, and hella is not some random newcomer who was so happy to get some free tools from a stranger, so he started to follow Sladost. Thanks to you he knew Sladost was a suspected thief, so he could at least come clean, return items to Sladost and separate from him. Sadly no reasons to issue a global ban to hella too.