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4th June 2016, 10:14
Hello everyone on the forums, I'm sadly here having to report a griefer that I had invited to my town, (unknowingly of intent) who proceeded to completely raid my forge, destroy half my farm (which is not as big of a problem), part of my freezer and then leave. At this time cursing was also used, I do have an ss of this, Elborax was there as well.

Of course during this time I caught up on what he did and kicked him out of the town but still I lost all my metals and tools. If possible (and else I'd rather quit) I'd like these refunded to the time before BigBrollicRequis took them all. However, I tried using prism and no activity from him shows up in the logs so I don't know what to do since that is the evidence we're supposed to provide, I won't do anything in that area so any mods may prism to check, I might just be doing it wrong or something. I more or less know what he took because it's all stored by me; 21 bronze, 45 tin, 110 bis bronze, 95 copper, 1 iron, 60 gold and then a bunch of tools, I think around 20 ingots worth of them. On the farm I only need to have seeds for the things I didn't have a lot of, again no prism activity found by me? 10 cabbage seeds, 5 bean seeds, 10 squash seeds.

I really hope we can figure this out because it's absolutely ridiculous if it were to stay this way.

Pic is kind of large so I imgurd it instead: http://imgur.com/JTt925z

4th June 2016, 11:23
Jailed BigBrollicRequis for 12h for now to prevent any movement, don't have time atm, maybe later today

4th June 2016, 13:42
What should I do from here on? In my best interest I need to know what the next step is in recovering my lost items, I appreciate the help but I'm absolutely clueless on what to do.

4th June 2016, 14:16
I deplore the theft. In case of theft, you (always) often get back stolen items after investigation by moderator or admin. If you want to play now I can (give) lend to you the tools and everything you need (as much I'm capable) to continue playing. If you want that, please met me on the map :)

4th June 2016, 14:34
Rubber, the best thing would be to wait till any staff member will login and investigate. I probably will be on in 4 hours.
And don't mess with the area of the crime, i.e. don't add any prism events there.

It is not true that stolen items are always refunded, but it happens pretty often.

5th June 2016, 10:31
BigBrollicRequis landed himself a global ban due to homophobia.