View Full Version : So what's happening on Vanilla?

19th June 2016, 17:00
Got a couple of weeks worth of holidays and so I'm able to hop on Vanilla for a bit! Been on for a while today and I'm at a loss as to what the plan is for the server haha

Is everyone stickin' around spawn or are we all just doing as we please? Any big plans for Spawn or any other community areas? So on so forth. I'm keen to start building hahaha.

Anyway, I'll see you lot on Vanilla!

23rd June 2016, 19:20
Nice :) Here's what I know.

There is one game rule for this server: if you move away from spawn you must complete a working railway to spawn.
That's a rule. However I'm hoping people will just stick around spawn and build stuff there together. Otherwise it's more like singleplayer with chat imo :B

There are a bunch of projects happening on the Vanilla server. I've finished the fully automated slime farm and partially automated cow breeder/killer/cooker. There are 2 fully automated farms that are tended by villagers. The other two aren't automated since the villagers will only pick up those crops under conditions they will never encounter there :B

The warehouse needs finishing up. Same for the rail system that is supposed to unload the farm goods and transport those to the warehouse. It needs some redstone work to detect when a cart is fully loaded and then send it to the warehouse. At the warehouse it should unload and when empty it should be send back to the tower near the farms.

DOM started work on a rail station behind the hill at spawn.

The mine at spawn needs work. There are some stairs going down at spawn but they lead into a cave and look ugly/unfinished.

Other then that I'm not aware of projects going on right now.

25th June 2016, 04:50
Righto awesome! I might see what I can do about The Mine staircase, or something else that looks fairly simple haha.