View Full Version : Recent lag is unplayable.

27th June 2016, 10:36
Hey guys!

We've started playing on the server about a fortnight ago (perfect multipliers for us). There's been a bit of lag since the beginning but over the last weekend it actually made the game unplayable. We're rubberbanding everywhere and it seems extremely unstable.

I switched to another server to see if it was a recent update at fault but that one was running smoothly with 59/70 players online.

If you're hosting the server and never intended for many players to be online - please let us know so we can migrate sooner rather than later :)

Many thanks,

Jaybles (The Sexy Beasts)

27th June 2016, 10:45
What is your location (country) and what is the "another server" location? Or its name.

27th June 2016, 10:47
We're from the UK, and the other servers we've tried were in Germany and the UK. They were both perfect :)

The lag is extremely bad - we'd be better off playing from Australia.

27th June 2016, 13:06
This issue was first reported shortly after the previous server update to 243.4. It has been suggested that wild dinos are somehow getting stuck or otherwise interacting with level geometry in such a way that it causes lag issues.

We're going to try removing the wild dinos and see if that fixes things. Before this we've never encountered lag issues of any kind that were caused by the server so hopefully we can resolve this issue soon.

27th June 2016, 20:23
Server has been updated to 243.8.

27th June 2016, 21:55
The update/restart has fixed the issue for me Jaybles, how's it looking for you?

29th June 2016, 13:57
It's so much better - thank you!