View Full Version : UnBan Request: I think I was wrongfully banned?

5th July 2016, 19:07
I haven't been on the TFC server for over a year, mainly due to me getting bored of the mod. I recently tried to return to it, and noticed that I was banned. I checked the MCbans, and also noticed there was no proof added. I'm curious as to why I was banned. I know it says theft, but what had I stolen, if I had stolen anything in the first place? Please help, I can't find any other TFC servers to play, and I really don't want to have to make one for my friends. If in any chance anyone does find proof that I stole something, I'm sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for your help.

MCUsername: MLP_RainbowDash

6th July 2016, 02:07

6th July 2016, 23:16
Anything you wish to add before this thread is closed?

7th July 2016, 00:54
It hurts my pride asking this, but could my ban possibly be appealed/undone? I mean, it's been over a year, and I think I've matured since then. Ugh, I hate asking for ban appeals. I'm sorry if I sound desperate, I just want to try to clear my record. Thanks for the help, and sorry for breaking the rules. I also apologize for wasting your time.