View Full Version : Ark Down

1st August 2016, 18:59
What's been keeping the Ark server offline lately?

1st August 2016, 19:07
We're not quite sure yet. We're doing everything we can to bring it back online.

8th August 2016, 12:48
the ark server need mod update
pls fix it

8th August 2016, 12:56
i can't see the server in my server list is the server down?

8th August 2016, 15:13
Server is up but I'm unable to see it in the in-game browser. Attempting to connect directly, it's reporting out of date mod content.

8th August 2016, 15:25
Ark test server also needs a mod update

8th August 2016, 18:20
For some reason Steam thought I no longer had ARK installed. So it checked local content and downloaded half the game again.

I've updated the mods from my client. Now the server is updating. Currently at 8%.

I'll update this thread when the server is done updating. ARK updates are a pain :p

8th August 2016, 18:51
The server is done updating and is currently starting up. It should be running in a few minutes.

Server has been updated to: 245.98

Given the issues with the download servers the past weeks. This update was incredibly fast. Let's hope future updates will go this fast as well :)

8th August 2016, 19:28
No luck with the mod auto-updater then?

8th August 2016, 20:53
Unfortunately not. The server crashes when I try to let it update mods automatically.

10th August 2016, 12:16
Server down again (looks like another mod update required).

10th August 2016, 19:01
Updated and up again.

14th August 2016, 18:19
Ark2 down (not mods this time, properly down as far as I can tell).

14th August 2016, 18:22
Ark 2 was being updated, it's back up.