View Full Version : Dynamap down?

18th August 2016, 08:17
Is the dynamap not working for anyone else? I'm trying to find a good place to settle in TnFC, and I have no idea how close I might be to other folks, or whose toes I might be stepping on if I plonk a town down.

18th August 2016, 13:42
Yes, Dynmap is down atm. E.g. see last paragraph here
or this

18th August 2016, 19:51
A few weeks ago we had some serious issues with the server. Since then I've replaced nearly everything. Motherboard, RAM, CPU, power supply, operating systems, hyper visor. What I hadn't yet replaced was the raid controller which is an $800 component which I really didn't want to swap out on a whim. But since the server freezes/crashes still seem to occur once every day or so there's little choice.

Since the raid controller is the last suspect I found it prudent to minimize disk activity for the time being. Dynmap consists of millions of tiny files which cause quite a lot of disk I/O. That's why Dynmap is still down for now.

I've ordered another raid controller which should arrive next week. At this point all we can do is hope that solves the server instability permanently otherwise I'll have to get really creative :B

In the mean time I've installed a power distribution unit which can detect when the server goes down. When that happens it will automatically restart the server so down time should be minimized to about half an hour per crash.

13th October 2016, 20:44
So, I was away for a LONG time. It's finally vacation time for me and I came back today to see all TFC dynmaps down. Are they not back up yet after the big crash or is it just a temporary downtime for them?

14th October 2016, 14:08
The server issues have been resolved by implementing a massive server upgrade. But I haven't gotten around to setting up storage for the Dynmaps yet. I hope to be able to do this soon-ish.