View Full Version : TnFC server timing out?

31st August 2016, 08:37
The past few days I've been experiencing a lot of timing out issues, both in keeping a connection going during extended play, and in connecting at all in the first place. I'm not sure if this is client or server side, so I was just checking in to see if this is happening to other folks, or if it's just me.

1st September 2016, 23:17
We have been having issues with the HappyDiggers server as a whole. It tends to crash once every few days, so if you crash out of the server and HappyDiggers.net is down, that's the reason why. It will start back up in ~20mins. As for the timeouts, it shouldn't be related and could be due to some resource issues in TnFC. I'm sure J can elaborate if there's another issue or if it's just typical minecraft shenanigans on a modded TFC server.

1st September 2016, 23:48
Intermittent downtime aside, I don't know of any issues with the TnFC server or my Internet connection right now. To play TnFC online the client does require to have quite a bit of upload bandwidth available. If you experience disconnects again, please try a speedtest to a server in Amsterdam to see if your connection to the server is alright.

For regular TFC you already need to have 5 mbit/s down and 1 mbit/s up for lag free play. For TnFC you need way more upload than that. Latency wise you'll want to stay well below 100ms.