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31st October 2016, 21:11
This year Ark devs added even more special Halloween cosmetic items for characters and dinos alike. I'm on the hunt to obtain all of them, I've even grown a special Giganotosaurus specifically to take on the Dodo Rex.

Here's a few screenshots of what I've found so far :D. In order to obtain the bone skeleton skins you have to find and kill the rare spawns of skeleton dinos. And of course the Dodo Rex is out there on certain nights, which is when the real hunt begins. For Scorched Earth players there is a Dodo Wyvern too, I haven't hunted for that one yet though.

Alpha Rex Skeleton
Alpha Raptor Skeleton
Quetzal Skeleton (hard to get a good pic during the night and rain)

2nd November 2016, 02:53
And as it happens, that special Giga is now dead. The server was having latency issues today and when I got the server back up and running smooth my new level 404 Giga was dead by my hand according to the tribe log. How that happens? No flipping idea, but it will make taking out the Dodo Rex a very difficult process.

4th November 2016, 23:12
Whelp not sure how many people are actually interested in the Halloween event, but I finally finished up getting everything. Last bit was expensive as it needed a Dodo Rex mask and a Dodo Wyvern mask. Had to kill A LOT of dinos to get everything to spawn enough times for the witch hats, etc. Lots of duplicates, which is nice :D

P.S. Don't fight the Dodo Rex without a strong Giga/Saddle. Barely made it out alive with a 265 base melee Giga and a 250 armor saddle.

5th November 2016, 09:21
Glad to see you're enjoying the new stuff :)