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5th July 2012, 15:35
Minecraft name:samjoris
For how long you play minecraft?:since alpha
Do you have any building skills:yes
Why do u want to be whitelisted:because finally there is a minecraft vannilla server with no or a few plugins. and im that kind of player
Do you accept our server rules:yes, why not?

5th July 2012, 21:13
Hi and welcome to our community :)

The whitelist application have been closed for quite a while because we got flooded with admissions and the list grew faster then we felt comfortable with. We have just made whitelist admission to our Vanilla server and our beta-1.7.3 server a donor perk.

If you like, you are free to play on our Towny server. Or you could make a donation and get whitelisted immediately. That would also give you access to our brand new beta-1.7.3 server which is also running without any mods.

8th July 2012, 07:22
what is the ip for the beta server i cant find it and im already whitelist on vanilla so i can play on it right

8th July 2012, 15:32
Its on the beta server's thread.

12th July 2012, 22:26
The whitelist for the Vanilla server will be removed in 1 week. You are welcome to join the server then. If you can't wait one week, you're welcome to make a donation :)