View Full Version : Server problems!!

21st November 2016, 13:30
whats up with the tfc server? never any players online at all, the server crashes like every 5 min or so.
Whats up? is everyone playing on another server?

21st November 2016, 16:16
kidding, now its crashing like every 30 sec and sending you either to the lobby or just kick you out. or just sending you to jail and when you log back in your back at your town/house w/e. whats up???

21st November 2016, 16:44
Which TFC server are you talking about specifically? We have several.

Judging by the server log files, the server is not crashing at all. Currently there are two players online on the Freebie TFC server and I've been idling there for 10 minutes now so it's definitely not crashing every 30 seconds. If you get disconnected from the TFC server, do you get an error message? What does your client log say?

As for player numbers. That's simply because the TFC devs have effectively killed TFC by halting development before TFC 2 was even close to release. People loose interest after they have played through all off the things TFC has to offer and move on to something else. There's not much we can do about that.

21st November 2016, 20:16
When I have been on there's between 1 to 7 people, and I haven't noticed any crashes. Have you checked your connection to a server in Amsterdam? You may get disconnected if your connection to that area is not good.