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30th November 2016, 13:32
My basic one that digs a 3x3 tunnel getting everything except stone and cobble stone, puts a torch down every 5 to light it up.
asks how long of a tunnel you want, checks for fuel level and if full, stops if either are true.
slot 1 cobblestone, slot 2 stone, slot 3 torches.
also will stop if it runs out of cobblestone.
Need to remove the .txt, said it was an invalid file when i tried to upload it otherwise =P

30th November 2016, 23:27
This looks sweet :)

I'm not terribly familiar with the robot programs so bear with me if this is a dumb question. Could you have the stone mined -> become cobble -> use that cobble for replacement of ores and such rather than feeding it cobble?

30th November 2016, 23:53
Need to start it off with cobble, this mod pack has lots of stuff other then stone, the cobble it collects does go into the stack so it does replinish it. Starting of with a stack usually is enough, the low tier ones run out of room quickly.
Unless you have silk touch, it mines it like a player does. Ie mining coal block gives coal. There's upgrades to expand inventory and make the batteries larger. You can have it carry chest and place them and unload as it goes. I started out simple and as I learn more and get it working I expand it :)

1st December 2016, 00:43
Think next item is to make it use an ender chest, have it place it, empty out, then pick the chest back up.
Keeping it charged is another item to look at.

1st December 2016, 03:25
Rainnmann needs a reboot he's repeating himself lol

1st December 2016, 23:59
Updated program, gravel (falling blocks) where giving the robot trouble =P, it wont pick up the ones that become dropped items, but takes care of any stuff that falls in an area already cleared.

Updated, added diggy4, its a 3x4 tunnel, also replenishes cobble from other spots if it runs low and has some in another slot
Working on enderchest unload atm.

2nd December 2016, 09:45

3rd December 2016, 00:58
Chest dump added, ender chest in slot 4
may make tunnel messy trying to figure where to put rebuild code.

3rd December 2016, 23:16
Is the robot something we can achieve early for early mining automation or does it require a bit of progression?

4th December 2016, 00:14
It doesn't really need any progression to start with low tier robots, iron, gold, redstone, paper, clay, are some of the main items used. In the sp one im playing have small refined storage set up that auto fills tinkers smelteries to produce ingots. and now the robot tunnels and empties into ender chest that the system pulls from. the limit now is robot charging, either need to have it return and charge, or carry a charger and some type of wireless power transfer system, and have it set it and recharge itself.

Added cleaned up code, and ender chest dump seems to work like a charm :)

Add tinker tools, like the hammer, are great mining tools that can be done fairly early, it digs a 3x3 area per use.

4th December 2016, 14:33
Drills from Actually Additions run of RF and dig 3x3. can be built in less than a day with resource assistance. would last longer than hammers for manual digging to start with

4th December 2016, 16:34
It's fun to write your own program and watch it run and be useful :)

4th December 2016, 16:59
Thanks for the tip :), the drill is pretty easy to make, and so far its lasting a good while, tag teaming with robots, when i get full i dump into the robot and it unloads, until i get another ender chest =P.

10th December 2016, 03:10
Looks like the robots have their own chunk loader upgrade, and some type of fuel burning upgrade, with inventory upgrades this may be a decent set and forget deal, checking it out in my survival sp game, which mod will be used for automation? Got the hang of the refined storage one so far.

10th December 2016, 09:04
That's awesome :)

We'll be using several mods for automation. Refined Storage will probably do the bulk of our stuff since it has the best ability to integrate with everything from storing items to exporting and importing them and of course the auto crafting features.

However, I know I'll also be using other mods for smaller things. For example Actually Additions for small scale item transfer and round robin loading of machines, EnderIO fluid tanks/ducts, Refined Relocation for having a dump chest and then quickly sorting dumped items between chests, etc.

We tried to reduce the amount of redundancy in AMP 4.x. There is less of it, but it's not gone by any stretch of the imagination. So people can use different solutions for different problems. I don't want to force players to do everything a certain way. Experimentation is what makes playing with mods fun.

Just keep in mind that ducts, as a general rule, lag. So fewer tubes are better than more tubes. Wireless is the future :)