View Full Version : Can not join the server

6th December 2016, 18:59
Hey All,

Me and my friend are new to ARK and were looking for a nice server and then we found you guys!!!

Sad thing tho, we can not join the server. I've added the server via steam, I can see the server and name but when i click on server info steams tells me that there is no server running on this IP... and yet i can see the ppl who are playing

Any help?


6th December 2016, 23:23
Island, Vahalla or Scorched?

7th December 2016, 00:42
All three servers updated and all three join-able.

7th December 2016, 11:17
Hey guys,

After some hours we tried again and it worked...

anyhowour first litle thatch base is build :)