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6th December 2016, 23:53
My friend, who is a resident of our town "Kingdom_of_Lagoria" logged on recently and found that our town had been apparently raided of supplies and had several items stolen.

Quote from Skype:
[Sunday, December 4, 2016 8:55 PM] Srgntcuddles: So I went on Happydiggers and a lot of our stuff has been taken. Including 90% of your smithy. lol
The timezone from Skype is Pacific GMT-8 so as for a potential time this griefing occured, it could have been anytime prior to Dec. 4th.

I have prepared a griefing report video here to hopefully indicate what was damaged and/or stolen from the town. Hopefully this is enough information to work off of. Thank you for your time!


As for our open-door policy: when we founded our town, we wanted to have it be accessible, to allow non-town folks to visit and use our equipment, to share resources and work together. People were allowed to use public smithing areas, help consolidate Olive Oil for oil lamps, and share our foods, alcohols, and water. Whenever people stumble upon a town, they can't do anything in it except stare. Our hope was to make ourselves available and open to entice people to join and help us.

After the griefing that I've seen today, it makes us wonder if we should remove this open door policy. Ideally, we'd like to keep ourselves available, and if that means subjecting ourselves to further grief down the road, ultimately what that means is: are the mods okay with this? It's highly probable that if we leave our town open, further griefing will occur, which will result in more reports. Do you think it would be wisest to restrict our town's permissions or that we should try to trust in the rules to handle griefers and not have them hamper our open door policy? I leave the verdict in your hands, as you're the one(s) who eventually have to deal with the griefers.

7th December 2016, 00:15
We will take a look at this within a few days.
There are many ways to keep a town open and still protect valuable things.
Example is Highrock, the smith is set up so towns people and towns that are part of the nation can use it, and it is set to not place or destroy, so it cant be vandalized. There are many ways to set up perms to have open areas of a town and protected areas.
When are you usually on? I can show you how if you would like if our times can coincide.

7th December 2016, 00:22
Thank you for your prompt reply and for looking into this issue.

As for the permissions, it would be nice to set up public/private areas. I'm not well-versed in all the commands that Towny has to offer, and while it would be nice to get on together sometime, I am afraid my time on the server is often erratic and unpredictable. Is there any sort of documentation regarding Towny that can teach me how this can be accomplished?

Thanks again for all the help! :)

7th December 2016, 00:45
Towny Command List


7th December 2016, 00:53
Towny Command List


Woop. Thanks, HK ;)

7th December 2016, 01:22
First thing is to set town perms to off.
/t set perm off, or /t set perm outsider off, I replaced the blast and bloom, and will do more later on.
I think those are the commands will update when i get back.

You may have to use
/t set perm outsider build off
/t set perm outsider destroy off
And the ones for switch and itemuse
Instead of /t set perm outsider off

7th December 2016, 01:47
Quick guide
Use /t perm to see perms for town
O = outsider r = resident a = ally and f = friend
Example for town is to only have resident in all the fields and no other.
For plots like a smith can set itemuse and switch on, and build and destroy off.
/plot set perm outsider switch on
/plot set perm outsider itemuse on
Just keep anything that you don't want to disappear out of that plot.
For the bloomery have to set it up on a border of a chunk, so the place part is not in the chunk but the bloomery is.
You only see friend in plots owened by townspeople.

7th December 2016, 02:06
Also, if it clear as mud tell me what you want to do and ill tell you how :)

7th December 2016, 04:20
Changed the perms to exclude outsiders, you can add outsiders to plots you would like them to be able to do stuff in, just use the /plot commands in the desired plot. Replacing the big items now, if something is missing let me know, thanks.

7th December 2016, 04:49
Also please check the rules regarding animals and fruit trees, if you want a freezer for food i can help with that. Can visit Highrock to check how the animal pens should be.

7th December 2016, 05:09
Also please check the rules regarding animals and fruit trees, if you want a freezer for food i can help with that. Can visit Highrock to check how the animal pens should be.

Thanks for going through all the trouble to fix everything. As for the permissions, I've been reviewing the link that good ol' Hk-47 provided. It's a lot to take in regarding permissions and sheer versatility of Towny commands. I appreciate that you went on and edited them for us. I'll have to play around with the towny settings next time I'm online.

As for the animals, don't worry, I'm going to slaughter those pigs to thin their numbers down once we're back online and in business. Was just a bunch of babies last time I logged on, so I apologize for letting them grow to such large numbers.

And the fruit trees we originally had near the farm and around our base, but decided to consolidate them to one area. We'll go through and chop down the outliers near the farm and restrict them to just 9 trees at the gate outside town.

Also, I was just reviewing the rules here and it says something about requiring animals to be in a specific-sized pen? I didn't know this rule existed. I came from the TerraFirmaCraft forums ( http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/5156-07929922-happydiggers-the-most-popular-public-tfc-server-now-6-servers-also-ark-survival-evolved-and-technodefirmacraft-unnofficial-tfc/ ) and there is no mention of this restriction.

Do you have any examples you can provide of the proper way to store animals? It'd be nice to have a frame of reference to emulate :)

Thanks again :D

EDIT: Oh I just noticed you edited your post as well. I'll have a peep at Highrock next time I'm online in that case :)

7th December 2016, 05:15
Ah, I see J may need to update the post, please see link below for updated rules, thanks :)


7th December 2016, 05:54
Ah, I see J may need to update the post, please see link below for updated rules, thanks :)


I've linked Srgntcuddles the updated rules as well. We'll get to work rebuilding and retrofitting our stable area to conform to the new rules. Probably going to do it tomorrow, as it's getting late.

I asked Cuddles what time he'd be available and him and I should be up and about playing TFC around 4pm Pacific Time (GMT-8) if you'd like to come hang out with us and give some pointers at that time :)

Might end up getting on sooner, but we're aiming for 4pm as he has a DnD session to host tomorrow.

Anyway, if you can't make tomorrow, hopefully we can catch you sometime soon. Would definitely love to start setting up some plots of land for our future residents and setting up permissions for public areas! :D

Srgntcuddles would probably like to know how to set up a freezer as well. He hates the job of being the cook when you've got four chests full of vessels of food to trim the decay off of each day x_x

Thanks for all your help and advice in all of this. It's really nice to know that this server still has all the support it needs despite its age. Special thanks to you and all the moderators and staff who keep the server running so that we can have an enjoyable gaming experience. You sir, have my stamp of approval!


7th December 2016, 08:48
Glad to see the issue got resolved and that the griefers got a ton of jail time :)
Also cudos on the way you reported the issue. A YouTube video really helps explain what's going on.

The reason I haven't updated the post on the TerraFirmaCraft forum is because they have updated their forum software a couple of times. Each time the update broke my post and I had to redo the whole thing. After a bunch of those updates I just gave up.

The current state of the TFC forum is that they've hidden BB codes and changed a bunch of stuff. Near full screen YouTube videos and no spoilers is just a crazy way to have your forum software behave in my opinion. It might work on a phone, but if you have a large monitor with high resolution then it really sucks. Having no spoilers means you are confronted with a huge wall of text which you have to sift through to get the information you're looking for. The edit page for posts is dumbed down in such a way that you can't even see the raw BB code any more making it really hard to fix posts since the WYSIWYG editor doesn't support most of the BB tags.

So yeah... I guess I'll just have to try again because the TFC forum is where at lot of people find us initially.

7th December 2016, 13:07
Could you post a link to our rules here and call it a day? =P