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6th March 2017, 09:37
Almost all the time, no matter what I am taming, it always takes more, sometimes much more, than it says it would take on any taming calculator using 6x or even 5x taming rate. Is there a reason for this or a possible solution to better predict the requirements and outcome?

6th March 2017, 22:07
I'll run some tests and look into this.

6th March 2017, 23:17
Apparently the Ark devs put out incorrect information in one of their official patches.

- TamingSpeedMultiplier, HarvestAmountMultiplier, and XPMultiplier are now hardcoded with an extra 2x multiplier. If you wish to have your server use the same rates as before, please reduce your sever's custom values for those by 50%

After testing I found that the taming speed has not changed, the harvesting multiplier is somewhat less than 2, and the XP multiplier is x2.

Now that I know how to get the harvest rate to double correctly, I've changed the rates back to 5x Tame, 3x Gather, and 2x Experience. All tested to be the correct settings in game.