View Full Version : Please unban mirkoloio.

21st March 2017, 03:10
mirkoloio made a post in the tfc forum to ask to please be unbanned, they are very new "green" didn't have time to take in the rules before breaking them. They would like to become apart of the community.
I am writing this by request, I thought there were two identical posts, one here and one in the tfc forum, and I deleted the one in the tfc forum.

The listing of the ban.

21st March 2017, 04:00
At first I thought this was an unban request for RainnMannx ;)

21st March 2017, 09:07
Link to the post on the TFC forum?

21st March 2017, 11:15
He said he deleted it, because I accidentally had posted my thread in the wrong subforum, thus confused him because he thought I had it in the unban area, too.

21st March 2017, 11:25
Right. You can make your case here then if you like.

21st March 2017, 13:00
Well, what is there to say?

At the point of the infraction I had not yet read the rules. It was, literally, two seconds into the server. And wasn't on purpose, either. I thought this was just another of the normal TFC servers without many rules, wich I found out moments later it wasn't

21st March 2017, 15:03
Ban appeal approved, when I have a chance I'll undo the ban and it will be changed to a warning.