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19th April 2017, 13:40
I know this was asked way back.

But am I the only one finding the Red Drops, to be awful?

Am I seriously that bad with luck? or is in game.

For the past 3 weeks or so. 90% of the red drops I've gotten, all with 100% durability, have contained such things as Kibble, Medical brew and Stam Brew.

nothing special, I think yesterday was the first day in ages we got something Decentish!

Have they been nerfed? because they were too OP, or balanced?

Cheers Jiro

19th April 2017, 21:07
Nope, not nerfed. I get tons of goodies from red/yellow drops. It's all RNG.

Here's the breakdown of the loot crate script:

20th April 2017, 17:40
Cheers for the reply Jiro!

I might just be the most unluckiest player of all time!!

Honestly Kibble and Fishing rods are most of the loot I've had haha!