View Full Version : Can A Admin give us some recipes plz Prim + server

23rd April 2017, 19:24
HI Garitos here tribe vikings from the center Prim + server. so we hafe a problem, we got some cool new dinos but no saddels implementet jet. :-( My question is, can we haf a alosaurus saddle recipe equu saddle recipe and iguanodon saddle recipee plz thanks if it is possible?

24th April 2017, 23:36
That's actually a really good idea. Just last week I was complaining to a tribe mate that dinos were missing their saddle engrams and that it would take forever for an update from the developers in Primitive Plus.

I will have to check and see if the correct blueprint can be spawned in without problems, but if that works out (which it should) then I don't see any problem with handing out recipes for primitive 25.0 armor basic saddles for people with the appropriate levels.

25th April 2017, 14:24
Thx a lot coz there are much more cool annimals like thylakoleo ther are no saddle engrams learnable

26th April 2017, 01:07
An official thread for blueprint requests has been made.