View Full Version : Display embassy plot at spawn, TFC server

30th May 2017, 23:29
Hello, i would like to claim an embassy at spawn to advertise my town and build a market! Is it possible? i opened a ticket for coords, town is Lighthouse

31st May 2017, 16:54
Oh nice :)) Cant wait to see how it will turn out, after everything been settled~!

I would like to get one as well at spawn

Goal is to build an INN that provides a room with bed on 2nd floor for temporary shelter and food.in first floor :)

It might also have a small blacksmith with shops i will see how it will work out :D

2nd June 2017, 14:14
Lemon, yours is ready to claim. Vik, please make a ticket on the plot you wish to use, thanks.

2nd June 2017, 17:04
Ok Opened one by elbe's embassy :D

2nd June 2017, 23:54
Thanks again Rainnmannx!