View Full Version : base wipped from last server update

31st May 2017, 19:09
Hello there, it's Jack from The Pub.
we were really sad today when we logged on the serv. since last update our base ( build in adobe) just got wipped..everything is gone exept our box flying in the air..

we felt completly fu.. with that..i know you guys have nothing to do with that..but we have lost a month time playing farming all that clay to biuld in adobe and to do a nice base..

is there any solution to restore the base ( i doubt it, but well...i'm sad) or could we see with an admin to get back some of the clay we farmed like hell ?

i hope we could found a way..because we just fell hate now..and it's hard not to leave the game after that !

Thanks, Jack

31st May 2017, 23:08
This issue has been resolved in game.