View Full Version : New update wipe ?

6th June 2017, 20:26
hello !

we are currently several on the serveur ( the center, primitiv +) and it seems everything as been reset. it's day two for everyone and all base are gone. Do you guys have a save and this is a normal and tempory situation, or did everything is really gone ?


Chocolate Jones
6th June 2017, 21:48
Same thing on scorched earth. No more bases or tamed Dino's :( Still have my levels, but everything else is gone. I hope it's just a mistake lol.

7th June 2017, 00:15
Please post issues like this in the Report Ark Server Down Thread (https://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?2339-Report-ARK-server-down-here&p=18390#post18390).

I'm looking into it.

7th June 2017, 01:31
Both servers have resumed running their original maps with all dinos and bases intact.