View Full Version : The Center damage numers

9th June 2017, 17:43
please i now it need to be real primitive bud numbers dont change anything on that just numbers wil make the server so much more fun to play that you can see what the best is, start a poll maybe and its better by taming that you can see where you can hit him the best

(dummy dont work for bow and gun)

thank you already for thinking about it :)

9th June 2017, 19:45
All you have to do is take the base damage (easily found on the wiki), multiply it by the weapon damage, and (if a melee weapon) multiply it again by your personal melee damage. If you can't manage the math simply removing the saddle off of a dino you own, then shooting it once and looking at the change in HP will tell you exactly how much damage it does.

Having overhead numbers gives an advantage on a PvP server (yes there is still PvP on a PvPvE server). This is why it's turned off on official PvP servers and since I'm trying to emulate the official PvP setup so that it's harder to PvP rather than easier, it won't be turned on. You'll have to crunch the numbers, do the testing yourself.