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8th July 2017, 11:20

i got the problem/erorr after a while sometimes that i get a kick and than you see on screen lost connection / timeout host
i'm not the only with this problem please help this i got it also on the center only on happydiggers servers please help fix it thank you
because now on ragnarok i got eve the problem when i place somthing

thanks already

8th July 2017, 11:26
The problem is based on your connection with the server. There's nothing we can do from our end.

8th July 2017, 11:28
but,i only got it on this servers and my conection with other servers is good is there nothing that you now that i can do than

8th July 2017, 12:14
You seem to be from Belgium, and the server is based in the Netherlands(neighboring countries for those who don't know :)). So it's not a geographical issue where you are too far away.

Since it seems you are the only person having this issue right now, I'd suggest you troubleshoot your connection:

Are people in your household doing bandwidth intensive things while you are gaming? (torrents, netflix, Steam downloads, etc.) As far as I know there aren't any good ISP's in Belgium so it might be something that doesn't seem to be a big deal but might be just enough to cause connection issues for you.
Did you try the obvious things like power cycle your router?
Are you on WiFi or are you using a wired connection?
If you ping our server, do you get packet loss? If so, try doing a tracert to see at which hop the packet loss occurs.

Stuff like that.

20th July 2017, 20:03
i have always 15-23 ping
I just asked the server who it still has and I'm not alone I have aleen on happydiggers servers when I looked over it was about people with their own server and the solution was sometimes not up to date at the server or Bad mod or bad settings, I've really tried everything if you know anything else
thank you in advance

20th July 2017, 21:09
Did you try deleting ARK from your computer and downloading it again?

20th July 2017, 22:31
Yes, I completely delete it until the last file itself checked manually so completely and then reinstalled nothing helped

21st July 2017, 09:57
I've never played Ark on another public server except for Happy Diggers, so I don't have much experience, but compared to other network games, Ark seems to be very prone to dropping connections. It looks like the more complicated the stuff you do or the situation around you (lots of dinos, dinos fighting), the smaller lag is needed to drop you.

I've played quite a lot on Happy Diggers MC servers and never had any issues with connections. I have very good internet connection at home (for the money I have to pay for it, it better be good :p ). And yet 2-5 disconnects per afternoon session of Ark is a norm...

I learned to live with it. It's much better now since they introduced death beacon and updated it to also shine from your backpack.

21st July 2017, 15:46
yeah i learnd to play with it to but its so stupid when you flay are whatever you do you get error

4th August 2017, 22:27
i still got the problem and tried everything and i now its just happydiggers server form me, can you maybe check server settings?
Dont now what i can do its the only option left. (and there are a lot of people with the problem, it can maybe make server populair when its fixed, because i now a few left for it)

8th August 2017, 20:09
I've said it before and I'll say it again. There are no configs that are for disconnecting/reconnecting players regarding the Ark servers specifically.

We've been running Ark servers for a year and a half now. All of the disconnects you may get are all related to your connection with the server. In the first few months of HappyDiggers Ark The Island I had made a very large base filled with dinos and all sorts of other stuff. I disconnected once every 1-2 hours. I now have a main base 4x+ bigger and experience a disconnect once a day or so. Throughout the last year they've slowly but surely optimized the game to run better on servers and hold a connection even when doing highly demanding tasks like running 12 crafters at max capacity simultaneously while moving multiple inventories of blueprints around.

You mentioned it's "...just HappyDiggers servers for me...". What kind of servers and how long were you playing on them? I've played on many, many different servers ranging from unofficial to official. I have 3750 hours in Ark and only about 2000 hours are on our HappyDiggers servers. Any server I played longer than a few hours on I received a disconnect from. Every single one. I will tell you first hand that all officials I've played on, logging a couple hundred hours on several different ones ranging around the world, had horrible disconnect issues and the lag was unbearable at times.

What I'm trying to get at is even if we had unlimited money and resources there would still be disconnects. I even get disconnects when I'm doing testing on my local server with another computer on the same network. If the frequency of disconnects increases and happens for many people then that's probably something we can tweak or change to fix, but getting a few disconnects a day is nothing new for all Ark servers. That's the game the Ark developers built and if we want to play it we have to deal with it.