View Full Version : First time logging on in over a year, jailed for some reason

15th July 2017, 00:11
I'm logging on to the Terrafirmacraft server after over a year to play with a friend, but I'm jailed for "killing animals." I have no idea why I'm jailed but I'd rather not wait 12 hours to play on this server. If any admins or mods could help, that would be great.

IGN: WutNut

15th July 2017, 00:42
Your offense is shown in this post: LINK (https://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1384-Warned-players-and-banlist&p=15717&viewfull=1#post15717)

15th July 2017, 05:47
Ok, so I was jailed for killing 3 animals over 11500 hours, or 16 months ago. Ok, I'll try a "ban" appeal and then I'm outta here

16th July 2017, 01:49
The jail time (ban) appeal does not seem very sincere...
And on the it's just 3 animals:
1. The ones you killed were in a pen someone else made.
2. The ones you killed do not respawn, sometimes it take a very long journey (time) to get them from where you can find them.
3. In order to breed or milk them, you have to tame (aka familiarize) them, which entails feeding them every 20 minutes about 5 times in a row.
So by killing them you wasted the others players time and effort in doing these things.