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29th August 2017, 20:06
What we know about the background story thus far:

Helena has memories of living in Australia. [Helena #1]
Helena is a biologist. [Helena #1]
The Island has no axial tilt and thus no seasons. [Helena #2]
Helena knows Rockwell. [Helena #3]
The creatures exist outside of their naturally known habitat climates. [Helena #4]
The ecosystem is artificially balanced. [Helena #4/#5/#6]
Creatures from different eras exist together in a static ecosystem artificially maintained. [Helena #5]
There are more than 2x the amount of predators than prey on the island. [Helena #6]
Helena speculates that the the ecosystem is being monitored and curated [Helena #6]
Helena ponders how the floating obelisks and high tek platforms in caves imply something unnatural [Helena #7]
Rockwell states that the Island doesn't follow the scientific laws we're used to [Helena #8]
The Oceans ecosystem is also unbalanced with a over-abundant amount of aggressive predators. [Helena #10]
Creature gestation is 44x faster than on on Earth. [Helena #11]
Creatures that shouldn't be domesticatable are easily domesticated on the Island. [Helena #12]
The Island is a zoo [Helena #13]
The island is not natural [Helena #14]
Helena speculates that the Island's creatures may have had a genetic history of human obedience [Helena #15]
Helena knows Mei-Ying [Helena #17]
There's an overabundance of prey regardless of the amount of predators. [Helena #17]
Creature birth and growth rates are remarkably unnatural. [Helena #17]
Domesticated creatures that should fight don't fight each other. [Helena #18]
The Island's creatures have a genetic history of domestication for at least decades. [Helena #19]
The Island's creature population is being controlled. [Helena #19]
The Island's creatures are genetically modified. [Helena #19]
Someone put the creatures on the Island intentionally. [Helena #20]
The three artifacts obtained from the bosses unlock the tek cave platform. [Helena #23/#24]
Helena knows Nerva [Helena #27]
Helena's last note on the Island was before entering the tek cave. [Helena #29]

Helena selected the "Scorched Earth" Ark from a console showing a hologram of multiple Arks. [Helena SE #1]
Creatures in the ark are genetically engineered. [Helena SE #2/#8]
The Arks are Space Stations that regulate and maintain an artificial ecosystem [Helena SE #6/#7]
The Ark's environment is contained by a holographic horizon and natural barriers [Helena SE #7]
Helena knows there are other space stations/arks [Helena SE #7]
All the Arks are a grand experiment and each Ark is an experimental group [Helena SE #7]
Helena believes Mei-Yin joined her on the trip to Scorched Earth but got separated [Helena SE #9]
Rockwell is British [Helena SE #13]
Helena implied that when transferring to an Ark, the destination side see's a portal with visible spectacle [Helena SE #22]
Confirms that the Ark is a space station [Helena SE #22/#25]
Wyverns are genetically engineered [Helena SE #23]
Rockwell joins Helena on Scorched Earth [Helena SE #26]
Transfer portals travel through time and space [Helena SE #26]
Helena knows Raia [Helena SE #28]
Raia implies that if humans get too advanced, the obelisk destroys them [Helena SE #27]
The "curators" of the space stations monitor human behavior and intervene by resetting human progress [Helena SE #27]
Wali/Raia implies that you can only transfer off Scorched Earth once you have defeated the manticore boss (aka Guardian) [Helena SE #28]
The city of Nosti was destroyed by the obelisk itself [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
There is an implication that the tek cave ascension sends you to a "control center" station. [Helena SE #29]
The transporter for transfer off the ark is in ruins of Nosti south of the mountains that was destroyed by the obelisks [Helena SE #29]

Nerva is an Ancient Roman Centurion from Roman Dacia between 106 CE and 275 CE [Nerva #2]
Nerva knows Rockwell [Nerva #12]
Nerva and Rockwell call the Island "the ARK" [Nerva #13]
Nerva knows Mei-Yin [Nerva #16]
Nerva's hometown is Numidia [Nerva #23]
Nerva knows Helena [Nerva #25/#26]
Nerva defeats the tek boss, losing everything and finds nothing at the end... much like we did [Nerva #29/#30]

Rockwell knows Helena [Rockwell #5]
Rockwell calls the Island "the ARK" [Rockwell #7]
Rockwell knows Nerva [Rockwell #9]
Rockwell is an Englishman [Rockwell #10]
Rockwell has an assistant named Isabelle [Rockwell #12]
Artifacts are made of unrecognizable materials and pulse with latent energy [Rockwell #13]
Artifiact/Obelisk creators are referred to as having a mysterious civilization [Rockwell #14]
Rockwell leads Nerva to believe the obelisks can be weaponized (shady bastard) [Rockwell #24]
Rockwell is pissed at Helena for pursuing study of the obelisks without him [Rockwell #26]
The obelisks can teleport (to boss arena) [Rockwell #27]

Rockwell's assistent, Gerald/Gerande, tinkered with implants removed from arms of dead survivors, inscribed with the name "ARK" in it [Rockwell SE #1]
Gerald died sometime in the past [Rockwell SE #2]
Rockwell transfers to Scorched Earth [Rockwell SE #1]
Strange metal with wondrous properties (aka element) in the "starlit sanctuary" [Rockwell SE #2/#7/#11]
Rockwell is a doctor [Rockwell SE #6]
The ARKs are floating among the stars [Rockwell SE #7]
Rockwell is more of a field medic than a physician [Rockwell SE #16]
Rockwell discovers Element (calling it Edmunium), describing it as light and warm to the touch [Rockwell SE #23]
Rockwell poisons an entire tribe dead (......oh damn... he's a psychopath) [Rockwell SE #24]
Rockwell tries to smelt element in forge and fails... recognizes the need for a Replicator [Rockwell SE #26]
Rockwell has lost is marbles [Rockwell SE #1 - #30]

Mei-Yin is an Ancient Chinese from between 208 CE and 219 CE [Mei Yin #1/#18]
The implants are a universal language translator [Mei Yin #5]
Mei-Yin describes the end of the world forcefield barriers [Mei Yin #12]
Mei-Yin knows Helena [Mei Yin #16]
Mei-Yin tames a giga and it takes fall damage and rages [Mei Yin #23/#24]
Mei-Yin brings the giga into the Megapithicus boss battle (wtf, WC???) [Mei Yin #26]
Mei-Yin knows Nerva [Mei Yin #30]
Mei-Yin knocks Helena out cold [Mei Yin #30]
Mei-Yin states her intent to kill Nerva in the tek cave [Mei Yin #30]

John Dahkeya is an Apache captain/outlaw from Texas or Arizona Territory United States from between 1863 and 1912. [Dahkeya SE #1]
Dahkeya knows Raia [Dahkeya SE #3]
Raia is an Egyptian Priestess [Dahkeya SE #14/#21]
Dahkeya and Raia do the sweaty naked grind [Dahkeya SE #20]
Dahkeya sleeps in the dog house [Dahkeya SE #25]
Nosti is destroyed by the obelisk [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
Dahkeya trapped in by wyverns, he's not gonna make it [Dahkeya SE #25]

Raia is Ancient Egyptian Priestess sometime after 1353 BCE [Raia SE #1/#14]
Raia knows Dahkeya [Raia SE #5]
Nosti is founded [Raia SE #8]
Nosti grows to be a full fledged city [Raia SE #22]
Nosti is destroyed by the obelisk [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
Dahkeya is killed by wyverns [Dahkeya SE #30, Raia SE #27/#28]
Raia goes super emo [Raia SE #27]
Raia, in her grief, snaps and becomes the emo mother of dragons [Raia SE #28]
Raia hatches a wyvern and becomes the "Wali al Aswad" of Helena's SE notes [Raia #29]

Source: Ark Reddit Post (https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/6w03ut/what_we_know_about_the_ark_story_so_far/)
-Warning- Source has links leading to other updated information from the official release today. What I can say is that the end of the game confirms everything that has been theorized and shown in the explorer notes up to this date. Following links will show you end game content, so spoilers if you view them.

2nd November 2017, 09:43
That's pretty interesting. I don't pay too much attention to the phenq site (http://www.sdcbc.org/) story in this game, I probably should.