View Full Version : Kicked from server - ARK

18th September 2017, 22:21

I got kicked from the server and everytime when I'm trying to connect with the Rag server I get kicked, why does this happen?

Thanks in advance!

18th September 2017, 22:29
You were banned by me for breaking rule 1. Again.

18th September 2017, 22:33
You were banned by me for breaking rule 1. Again.

Can you give an explanation? In my eyes I didn't do anything wrong?
Was it about you saying that I should do bosses in the way they are ment to be? Please post chat evidence, if you want to

For how long is the ban?

18th September 2017, 23:08

All HappyDiggers bans are considered permanent unless the player has a successful ban appeal.

19th September 2017, 00:05
In this case there will be an exception. No appeals. The ban stays. I've had enough of this guy. He's no longer welcome.

19th September 2017, 03:40
I don't play ark to much, I second the permanent ban. (Though it is not required.)
It is really irritating when a newer player gets pissy about an admins knowledge or how much they have.
1. We are unpaid admins and mods, I do it for the love of the community and to give back to it.
2. So called unfair advantages, the players have it easy, we take time out of our schedule to deal with all types of admin / server issues, most issues the players aren't even aware of, time we could be spending doing something else.
3. Most of the time it's done the hard way, admins by nature usually have more time in than players, which means better stuff and more knowledge.