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24th September 2017, 00:56
Ya hi, I'm the guy from the island, I spoke with I think jiro like a couple days ago about a raid on my base at 50/50 cause I was in the same tribe as pizza and his bonobos. Ya I managed to get a hold of pizza, the guy uninstalled ark and steam and I had to talk with him on the league of legends client. I uninstalled league a while ago so I talked with him through the app and I screen capped the conversation with him saying to make me the tribe owner. He isn't coming back on, literally none of them are coming back on so I mean this is the best I can do. Again I had literally nothing to do with whatever they did on rag and I still wasn't really told what they did. I just wanna become the owner of the tribe and get back some of the stuff that got taken. Also help finding some missing dino's that I'm hoping you guys didn't kill during the raid, like really really hoping.

Another note I wanted to ask why you guys changed it so that we can't pick stuff up after an hour. There was no warning of this change coming and there were some things I was planning on fixing (like ceilings that are the wrong way that trigger my ocd to hell) and just switching them around but thats not possible anymore without destroying them and thats not worth it. I don't really see why, its more of just making things inconvenient and more annoying.

Here are the screenshots from my conversation with the idiot boy:



24th September 2017, 01:10
I don't see any reason to call him an "idiot boy".

Alright, well given the circumstances, your history with the tribe, and history on The Island server I can make the ownership change for the Something tribe.

24th September 2017, 01:12
No there are many reasons lol but thanks a lot

24th September 2017, 08:36
No there are many reasons lol but thanks a lot

Mumbles something about respecting the staff and other players...

Go read the server rules (https://happydiggers.net/content.php?117&tabid=107) before you get yourself banned.

25th September 2017, 00:40
Tribe ownership changed to PoSack.

As for your questions, I listed the changes in the Ark Servers thread (https://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?2111-HappyDiggers-Ark-Survival-Evolved-Servers/page25). S+ has always been OP in its structure usage. This change makes structures more valuable by requiring people to only place what they're going to use rather than spamming structures all over with no cost. It also adds a real cost to FOBs and temporary taming pens.

25th September 2017, 18:00
Noted, thanks for the help guys.